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    NOTE: Our Awning Wizard will build a complete Awning including the Fabric Roller Tube Assembly (FRTA) and the Awning Hardware (Arms).

    When you reach the shopping cart, through the Wizard, you will have the option to delete one or the other of these items.

    The new style Dometic Awnings FRTA or Arms will not work with your older style Dometic awning FRTA or Arms.
    The Weather Shield may be one of four colors of metal (Black, Satin,White, or Champagne) or vinyl Weather Shield in Polar White Vinyl.

    The Universal Plus hardware comes in the same color selections as the metal wrap with a choice of manual operation or powered with remote control.

    The Dometic 9100 awning is a Top-of-the-Line Awning which offers multiple configurations to create the perfect combination of fabric and hardware. Choose from Acrylic Shadow Fabric with a Metal Weather Shield or Vinyl Fade Fabric with either a Metal Weather Shield or Polar White Vinyl Weather Shield.

    • The 'Awning' - the canopy fabric, and a complete roller tube with end springs.
    • The 'Arms', or 'hardware'.

    For a new installation or complete replacement you will need an 'Awning' and a set of 'Arms' (Hardware). These items are sold separately. (Awning Rail is not included)

    NOTE: It is important to measure the size correctly, as Awning orders are non-cancelable, non-returnable, and non-refundable.

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